F020 02 2200pF Gratis verzending 50 stks condensator X1: 400 V Y1: 250 V condensator 2200pF

c d 8 cm, 5 3kv

C Mount

Ek2091d4760611me. Cbb-dip7.5mm-400v473j. Condensator inverter. 50v330uf. 16v*220uf. 680nf 630 v. 3a332j. Ek2091d4761330mp. Dl-2j103j. 2a822j. 1nf~1uf. 

Condensator Voor Regulator

183/630v. 680u/50v. Elektronica condensatoren. Condensator 33nf 630 v. 2200 uf 50 v condensator. Keramische condensatoren 1000 stks. 3300uf/35v. 5.5v10f. 2200 uf 63 v condensator. Wholesale oppervlak 3. 16mm aluminium. 

Wholesale 450 V 4700 Uf

Hoogspanningscondensator. 4700uf. 105 223 225 334 473 474 104. 0.01uf. 16 v 22 uf condensator. Hwa yeh100v4700uf. Keramiek condensatoren 103. Toepassing: 10v2.7f. 

Condensator 1000 Uf 16 V

400v47uf 16*25. Ac / motor. Condensator 47 uf 6.3 v. Standard. 63v2200uf 18*35. 330uf 200v. 6.3v820uf. 100v104j 100nf 0.1 uf. High quality. 2pf-0.1μf capacitor. 50v 100nf 0.1uf 104pf. 50v 10uf 5*5. 50v 102m. ±20%. Elektrolytische condensatoren 200 v. Dsc-dip-50v220j. 1nf~82nf. 1nf~68nf. 

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“Aquaman, protector of the seven seas!
Outrageous work!


Aquaman, protector of the seven seas!

Outrageous work!

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Hey, anybody remember that time that US voting machines were shown to have software architecture that specifically enables vote tampering to no benefit whatsoever, execute arbitrary code if it had the right filename, allow boot sector hacks, have hidden wireless modems, and be so easy to compromise that a literal untrained monkey could do it… and then we all collectively forgot about it?

Because… I’ve been looking for any evidence whatsoever that they did anything at all about this beyond change the company’s name, and I’m coming up empty.

And now we’re being assured, thirteen years after it was proven that traceless vote tampering was not just possible but trivial, that there’s no e vidence the Russian hacking compromised anything - and by the way we don’t need to actually fund election security.

Just some food for thought.

And weren’t those voting machines manufactured by the company owned by Mitt Romney’s son?

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so i was looking up antique cars like ya do and i found the dodge deora line of cars whi ch looks like this


and i noticed there wasn’t any visible doors so i looked further and just


what the fuck is this nonsense

I was concerned about how you’d even get in one of these and… 


So I showed my brother this, and he’s all like “yeah they made a second one, here” and like


come the fuck on

This is amazing.

what is this

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Spock is the fakest hoe in Star Trek. That guy has cried in every single movie. Get out of here with that vulcans don’t have emotions bullshit. You aint fooling nobody, you sensitive fuck


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Unfinished comic from a long time ago that wasn’t ever going to be completed. It makes absolutely no sense, but honestly in its current state i think it’s the funniest thing so I’m not adding to it.


Posting a video later today. Expect that. Anddd uhh yeah see you then.

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“ When Waluigi Isn’t Home  TipJar/Freebies and Social Medias


When Waluigi Isn’t Home

TipJar/Freebies and Social Medias


Wip of K Rool and Ridley

I’ll post the finished one later this week.

“Haven’t given tumblr any love in a while, so he’s a K Rool doodle in honor of his majesty’s return.


Haven’t given tumblr any love in a while, so he’s a K Rool doodle in honor of his majesty’s return.


Why I love King K Rool

  • fat and sassy
  • lives for the drama.
  • stole Donkey Kong’s banana hoard, doesn’t even like bananas.
  • fashionable af.
  • no, for real. that crown. that cape. that sapphire brooch. iconic™
  • Evil and loving it. utterly unconflicted, no moral struggle here. he is all about that villain life.
  • is a king.
  • decided to cosplay as a pirate and mad scientist in the second and third games, just for fun. just for shits and giggles.
  • ~*~body positive icon~*~
  • the man gold-plated his belly for god’s sake.
  • you don’t do that if you’re ever planning to go on a diet.
  • COMMITTED to his pudge and damn proud of it.
  • ~*~King of Self-Love~*~


Margin illustrations from a Japanese guide for Super Mario Kart. (Source: Super Mario Kart Shogakukan Guide (Japan), APE, 1992) 

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